noww , what the hell do i put here ?
Shah says hi

Hi , my name is Shah Iskandar .

Nadhirah Aqilah Azman is Awesome ! Bahahahaa .

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April 24, 2010 @ 9:08 AM
Hello . This is Me Nadhirah . Shah is very lazy to post .
kay so , i'm otp with Shah now . So , i asked him to say , then i type , meaning this is from His point of view .
Just now watch kude kepang at ang mo kio . Went there with Shafiq only . We watch until 9.40 pm . Then after that , we walk to the MRT , take MRT , stop at woodlands then overwhere go to bus interchange then take 960 then after that , then we reach bukit panjang , we slack under block first . Afterthat we go home .
nadhirah writing ;
today i kene prank by bhy . I called bhy stupid xP stupid sia him . bish . I thought real --'
Haha .

byebye !
- nadh .
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