noww , what the hell do i put here ?
Shah says hi

Hi , my name is Shah Iskandar .

Nadhirah Aqilah Azman is Awesome ! Bahahahaa .

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April 24, 2010 @ 9:08 AM
Hello . This is Me Nadhirah . Shah is very lazy to post .
kay so , i'm otp with Shah now . So , i asked him to say , then i type , meaning this is from His point of view .
Just now watch kude kepang at ang mo kio . Went there with Shafiq only . We watch until 9.40 pm . Then after that , we walk to the MRT , take MRT , stop at woodlands then overwhere go to bus interchange then take 960 then after that , then we reach bukit panjang , we slack under block first . Afterthat we go home .
nadhirah writing ;
today i kene prank by bhy . I called bhy stupid xP stupid sia him . bish . I thought real --'
Haha .

byebye !
- nadh .
April 23, 2010 @ 6:29 AM
I Love you (;
Hello ! HeyHey . OMG . Guess Who I am .
Sooo ,
Shah Iskandar here , is very the pemalas to post . So I help . hmm , idk what to say you know . seriously , so sorry for not spending time with you lah )';
blahblahblah .
OMG , why i so lame ?!

kay arh ,
byebye .

- i like pink . i like you too . Heh .


April 16, 2010 @ 8:36 AM

I Love NadhirahAqilah

Sorry short post cause malas nk post panjang2
ending with Signing Off,
Shah Iskandar
April 9, 2010 @ 5:51 AM
hey , school was okay ,
hahah but now skipped to home econ lesson .
After reccess , slacked with airul only at classroom
then suddenly a teacher came to our class asked us go to the food lab
haha then teacher asked us to go outside the food lab
she started shouting to us for like no reason
then ajib make her cry idk why
the teacher from other class came to us and asked us to stand at our place
then i sit down on a chair
then ajib pass me a knife to go inside and pass him
then teacher fed-up called OM
and OM called police .
haha such a small case must report
kay then police lecture all that laa
after that go back to food lab and sleep
after school was finee, with b until like 3pm
bcause she go choir
waited for her until about 6pm??
kay then walked togather with her until home .
then went home
k done,
Shah Iskandar
April 5, 2010 @ 7:27 AM
Hey people out there
Today was great
B was awesome!!
Kay , went to west mall
Diary of a Whimpy Kid
So lame sia the show , i dont understand at all
what is the best of the show b??
kay , we took the 5pm show because we were late for the 3.30 show .
after the show , i bought some puff and went home
i am so fcuking tired .
random sehy .
Kay Ciao,
Shah Iskandar
April 3, 2010 @ 2:23 AM
Oi .
Hahha :P

heyyheyy !
Nadhirah Here !

Today's the 3rd of April .
2 months ago , we started dating .

so , Happpy 2nd Monthsary Baby !

haha .

Dear Bby ,
I'm Sorry Sometime I make your blood boil .
I'm Sorry Sometimes I make your head pain .
I'm Sorry Sometimes I very the wtf .
I never meant to do that .
Besides sorry , i wanna say thanks .
Thanks for always being there .
Thanks for walking me back home .
Thanks for understanding .
Thanks for all those little things you do .
Thanks for everything .
Please never doubt my love for you
Cause i really do love you .

kay ,
byebye !


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